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Win your free BOOTS NFT 🥳 🎉 🥳 [COMPLETED by @Vastia]

*This puzzle is already solved by @Vastia. Another one is under construction is happy to give you an opportunity to earn a free chumbi Boots NFT by completing a puzzle game / hunting giveaway with multiple steps

You need to know that this is an event related to Chumbi Valley, but unofficial.

The steps to solve this challenge are not requiring knowledge about brute force / scripts / boots / etc. The steps were designed to be completed without downloading applications, using some online tools being enough.

Resolving the steps from a mobile is possible, but not recommended.

On the last step, you will find something that need to share with me to know that you completed all the steps. After the confirmation, the page will be edited and the Boots NFT will be sent in 24-48 hours to the winner.

I ask you all who can solve this in 4-5 hours and already have a pair of Boots, to let others give it a try 🥺

If you are reading this, the competition has already started and the first step is somewhere hidden on this page.

Good luck!🤞🏻


Remember that all the steps are Chumbi related

First Hint: "The chumbi's size matters"

Second Hint: "Some steps may have more clues"

The third Hint: "The password is made up of numbers"

The 4th Hint: "The runes can hide more details"